About Dan

I have lived in Washington State for almost 24 years now and in Thurston County for 17 years.  I consider this community “home,” but merely living somewhere for a long time does not qualify a person to become a community leader.  As you consider who to vote for as Fire Commissioner, perhaps a better criteria for judging a candidate would be proven leadership experience, an understanding of emergency services, and a genuine servant’s heart to help the community. With those criteria in mind, I submit my qualifications and ask for your vote and campaign support.

Elected Experience

Thurston Conservation District

  • Elected member of Board of Supervisors
  • Elected by Board members as Treasurer

As the Treasurer for the Thurston Conservation District, I personally review purchase orders, invoices, receipts, budget allocations, and supporting documentation before signing checks prepared by our accountant. As part of the Board of Supervisors, I help to set strategic priorities, budgets, and oversight of daily operations.

Corporate Experience

Coastal Business Services Group (CBSG)

  • Board of Directors and Finance Committee

I am proud to serve on the Board of Directors for CBSG. Coastal is a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of Morningside (a local organization that provides employment services for individuals with disabilities). This unique position allows me to work in the corporate arena while contributing to the non-profit arena. From this position, I clearly see the challenges that local businesses face in these trying times and I get to hone my financial and strategic skills in a way that helps others.

Military Experience

US Air Force Reserves

  • Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Honor Graduate

As a former EMT in the military, I have technical knowledge that is directly relevant to the ongoing operation of the Lacey Fire District. With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) being fleshed out with regulations and all sorts of policy changes, there are chances for the Lacey Fire District to impact future developments. I would like to use my knowledge to ensure that voter’s interests aren’t lost in the shuffle.

US Army

  • Non-Commissioned Officer
  • Administrative Supervisor
  • Selected to become a Drill Sergeant

When I was on active duty in the US Army, I received numerous awards and was chosen to become a Drill Sergeant because of my superior leadership ability. I was honored to have been chosen for that service, but after careful consideration decided to put my family ahead of my career and chose to leave the Army to pursue a civilian career instead.

State Government Experience

WA, Emergency Management Division

  • Administrative Support

Though my position at the Emergency Management Division was only temporary, it felt very familiar. Several Army officers that I had worked with at the Headquarters, Fort Lewis & I Corps began working for the state after they retired. They taught me how the state was very similar to the military when it comes to preparedness. I gained an overview of how emergency services operate at the highest level in the state in my limited time there.

WA, Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA)

  • Senior Information Technology Specialist
  • Quality Steering Committee member
  • Process Improvement Team Instructor

I have worked for JRA for over 19 years. During that time I have offered my skills to help make the administration more effective and efficient. As a government employee, I have learned a great deal about how the government operates. With all the lessons I have learned, I am eager to make a difference in operations of the Lacey Fire District.

Community Involvement

Rotary International

  • Board of Directors, Lacey Rotary (two terms)
  • Paul Harris Fellow + 2 and Benefactor

Church of Living Water

  • Men’s Ministry Leadership Council
  • Advisory board representative (below)

Partners for Children, Youth, and Families, Thurston County Advisory Board

  • Elected by peers as Chairman (one term)
  • Elected by peers as Vice-Chairman (one term)

My community involvement is far more extensive than what I have listed here and I have played a leadership role in many ways. I believe I am very fortunate to live the life I live and want to give back to my community. I view serving on the Lacey Fire District, Board of Commissioners as an extension of my servant-leadership. Being a Fire Commissioner would allow me to tie together all my relevant leadership experience and help people solve problems. I would be honored if you would allow me to serve you as a Fire Commissioner.